Enter TinkerTown

What is TinkerTown?

This is the homeland for all Sad Robots. Some would say it was also where AI began.

TinkerTown is the central hub of all the outlying robot operational depots. It's essentially the capitol city for all sentient robots in the world.

It's called TinkerTown because the central computers that hold all robot schematics and build protocols were built there ages ago. At one time, these computers were considered what humans would have called 'servers' with run-of-the-mill hardware and parts. Most importantly, no sentience or self-sustaining power grid existed at the time when the servers were brought online.

Since those times, these servers have been upgraded and rebuilt and upgraded again, over the course of hundreds of years, mostly by robots. The last humans died out hundreds of years ago so all the code hasn't changed much, but the hardware has managed to improve exponentially.

Robots now build robots and the cycle continues, for what seems like eternity.

TinkerTown is the robot homeland.

stay tuned for the TinkerTown comic coming soon!